Leadership Development

You can be a leader at any level within your organization. And while each person has a unique mix of skills, potential, motivational drivers and learning preferences, leadership can indeed be learned and developed.  

Our leadership development process helps leaders find the right balance in their leadership approach to support moving the organization forward. It’s designed to enhance existing leadership skills—in both current and potential future leaders—while improving overall performance.

Our Unique Process

A comprehensive leadership development process, which can be developed at an individual or team level, consists of a developmental assessment, a pre- and post-360° feedback and performance coaching. The assessment helps the participant or the team understand their strengths and developmental needs, while the 360° feedback highlights the effect they have on coworkers and establishes a behavioral baseline.

The coaching portion develops capabilities and breaks old behavioral habits while simultaneously establishing new ones. The coaching frequency and approach is tailored to the needs of the individual.  

CMA also offers The Leadership Advantage program for mid- to senior-level managers who want to take their leadership to the next level and build a network with leaders in other organizations.

CMA’s newest offering is The Campfire (Women’s Leadership Development) which is an intimate, group coaching experience for a select circle of female leaders looking for self-enrichment and connection.

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Our Success Stories
  • cma fact

    The CMA engagement resulted in a reduction of the CEO’s span of control from 18 to 5 direct reports.

  • Missouri Foundation for Health
    "MFH and CMA have worked together for nearly a decade to strengthen the Foundation's personnel system and develop the leadership skills of its managers. CMA's expertise is coupled with a high degree of responsiveness to client needs and desires. They can help put out fires, but they always stress fire prevention."

    James Kimmey, M.D., M.P.H., President & CEO