The Campfire
(Women’s Leadership Development)

Coming January 2023

The Campfire is an intimate, group coaching experience for a select circle of women leaders looking for self-enrichment and connection.

Our objective is simple – to connect women leaders,  provide research based content and lots of support. By taking a group approach to leadership training and coaching, The Campfire members will exponentially benefit by surrounding themselves with others to share experiences, hurdles, and triumphs.

This 8-week program is an opportunity to connect meaningfully and focus on something positive and future oriented – building a more energized and empowered YOU!

Program Details

Group Coaching Sessions

Group Sessions will target common skills beneficial to any leader:

  1. Building Connections that work for you at work
  2. Being an Agent for Yourself
  3. Aligning values and actions to discover your Authenticity
  4. Defining Your Leadership Brand

In each of the four group sessions, a topic will be introduced including best practices, current research, and case studies. These groups will be highly interactive with polling, paired breakout questions and thought-provoking discussion.

Mastermind Sessions

In addition, there will be 3 Mastermind Sessions designed to help members connect with and learn from the other women in the program. It is not just about creating a group experience or event; it’s about creating a culture. Not only will members have the opportunity to share their own stories, but they will also learn and grow from hearing the experiences of others.

Facebook Group

A Facebook group will keep the Campfire connected outside of group sessions to provide ongoing support, accountability, and a sense of community.

Leadership doesn’t have to be lonely – Let us show you the ropes of leadership and help you connect with other strong female leaders!


Session Dates and Details:


  • Setting Up Camp: Introduction & Kickoff: January 10th
  • Defining Your Leadership Brand: January 17th
  • Mastermind: January 24th
  • Aligning Values and Actions to Discover you Authenticity: January 31st
  • Mastermind: February 7th
  • Being an Agent for Yourself: February 14th
  • Mastermind: February 21st
  • Building Connections that Work for you at Work: February 28th

All sessions will be held on Tuesday afternoons (2-4:00pm MTN/3-5:00pm CST/4-6:00pm EST) via Zoom


Only 8 participants! Register today by emailing



Investment: $1,500