The Leadership Advantage
CMA’s comprehensive leadership program

The Leadership Advantage (TLA) is a hands-on learning program designed for mid- to senior-level leaders who are ready to take their leadership skills to the next level.

Improve Business Results

Everything about the program, including the information, experiences and feedback, focuses on a single objective—helping your organization achieve its business goals through the development of critical leadership skills.

Develop Key Skills

Enhance leadership skills across five competencies:

  • Analysis & decision making
  • Leading & influencing
  • Relationships & teaming
  • Responsibility & achievement
  • Managing & developing

Build self-awareness of leadership strengths and development needs.  Create and implement a development plan addressing both individual and organizational needs. 

ROI Opportunity

Choose an Action Learning Project that, when completed, can improve your organization’s performance.

Establish lasting leader networks that facilitate continued innovation, collaboration and insight.

Customized Development

TLA is designed around the participants. Program curriculum and development plans are tailored to meet participant and organization needs, and are based on leadership assessment results, 360° feedback and input from the executive sponsor and participants.  

Multi-modal Learning

Workshop sessions include case studies, discussion, reflection, group activities and real life practice. Training is designed to facilitate knowledge implementation, skill sustainability and continuous learning. 

The Leadership Advantage is broken up into three distinct phases.

Phase 1: Develop New Perspectives
  • Participants complete a pre-program 360° assessment to gain insight into the their individual strengths and areas for development. In addition, participants complete a behavioral questionnaire to assess their current approach to managing, leading, and teaming.
  • This data is utilized to create the participant’s leadership development plan and to identify retreat curriculum specific to developmental opportunities.
    • Optional add-on: Comprehensive leadership assessment with extended feedback.
Phase 2: Accelerate Your Learning
  • Participants attend an immersive two-day leadership retreat, hosted at the CityPlace Campus in St. Louis.
    • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks included.
  • After the retreat, participants participate in monthly learning sessions (virtual)
  • Participants attend two group coaching calls with their CMA coach.
    • Optional add-on: Individual coaching sessions
Phase 3: Show What You Know
  • The program concludes in August with a virtual graduation session for participants and their sponsors.


There are many leadership programs around the globe. So what makes The Leadership Advantage special?

Customized development

TLA is designed around the participants, not for the masses. Program curriculum and development plans are tailored to meet participant and organizational needs, and are based on real data like leadership assessment results, 360° feedback and input from the executive sponsor and participant.

Multi-modal learning 

This goes beyond typical classroom instruction. Workshop sessions include case studies, discussion, reflection, group activities and real life practice. Training is designed to facilitate knowledge implementation, skill sustainability and continuous learning.

Addresses real organizational issues

Participants continue their learning after the in-person retreat by participating in virtual workshops. Group coaching calls are included to encourage participants to apply their learnings to their individual work, role, and organization.

The 70-20-10 rule

Research indicates that the best development experiences consist of:

  • 70% on-the-job experience (challenging assignments, etc.)
  • 20% support (feedback, mentoring, coaching, etc.)
  • 10% formal training (seminars, webinars, etc.)

Many leadership development programs apply the 70-20-10 rule in reverse, with heavy emphasis on formal training and little or no support for on-the-job experience. As a result, development ends when the leader leaves the classroom. Not this program. 

TLA closely models the 70-20-10 rule for sustained skill development and on-the-job knowledge transfer well beyond the program. Every program component is tailored to the unique needs of the leader and the organization, making TLA a comprehensive, individualized development experience.

Program Schedule for 2024 Participants

January 19, 2024

Registration deadline – Applications accepted on a rolling basis until space is filled

January 30, 2024

Program kickoff and information Zoom meeting (executive sponsor)


Complete Insight360° assessment, feedback, and development planning*.


Leadership retreat in St. Louis


Virtual training sessions and group check-in calls with CMA coach

March 5 and 6, 2024

Program completion and graduation

*and Leadership assessment, if Comprehensive Assessment package is chosen

Leadership Retreat Schedule

The retreat is held in St. Louis, Missouri, at the CityPlace Campus. The location is conveniently located for easy access to hotels, restaurants, sports, and entertainment.

  • Day 1: Leading Self
  • Day 2: Leading Others and Leading the Organization

CMA has designed the TLA retreat and is exclusively responsible for its content.

Investment (includes all program components listed in the brochure)
  • Regular Program Price (regular registration deadline – January 19): $6,700/participant
  • Multiple Participant Price (2+ participants from a single company): $6,200/participant
Program Requirements
  • Acquire sponsorship of an executive/senior manager in the organization (for details, see item 2 under Certification of Eligibility on the Program Application Form)
  • Complete all program components as outlined in the brochure
  • Complete periodic evaluations during and after the program

Bottom line – how much does it cost?

Tuition is $6,700 per participant (or $6,200 per participant for 2+ registrants from the same organization), which includes all program components listed here.

There are also two optional add-on packages for participants looking for a more enhanced development experience:

  • Comprehensive Assessment Package: In-depth leadership assessment with individual and manager feedback sessions, and extended 360° feedback session (additional $3,000)
  • Individual Coaching Package: Three one-hour individual coaching sessions with one of CMA’s Ph.D.-level business consultants for enhanced learning (additional $2,400)
  • Comprehensive Assessment + Individual Coaching Package (additional $5,100)

What if I’ve already participated in a CMA 360°?

If it was more than a year ago, we advise retaking the 360°. If it was less than a year, we will utilize existing 360° feedback results for your development planning and curriculum selection. The program price does not change in either case.

What if we want a leadership development program custom-designed for our organization?

Contact us to find out how CMA can help you design a custom leadership development program for your organization.

Who should attend The Leadership Advantage?

Mid- to senior-level managers who are high-potential, high-performers. Leaders who are either new to a role or preparing to move into a next-level job will find The Leadership Advantage program especially beneficial.

What kind of content will be covered at the retreat?

Foundational concepts include time management, being proactive, effective delegation, performance management, motivating others, giving and receiving critical feedback, commitment and accountability, building trust, promoting teamwork, effective problem solving, situational leadership, visioning/appreciative inquiry, developing followership and leadership pipeline.

Special topics may include honing your executive presence, stress management, strengths-based leadership, coaching and developing others, managing “difficult” employees, conflict management and resolution, emotional/social intelligence, value innovation, leading through transition, fatal flaws of leaders and process improvement.


  • This application is not compatible with mobile devices. Please submit the form on a computer.

    The deadline to apply is quickly approaching. Submit your program application today or contact us for more information.

    A paper application is available within our pdf brochure. If you wish to complete the paper version instead of the online application, you can fax it to CMA at (314) 721-1992, email to Tori Ellis, or mail to:

    c/o The Leadership Advantage
    222 S. Central Ave., Suite 900
    St. Louis, MO 63105

    Contact Information

  • Program Participant

  • Executive Sponser

  • Billing Information

  • Additional Information

    Included Program Components (Participant Fee: $6,700, or $6,200 if 2 + participants from the same organization)

    1. a) Insight 360™ feedback with unlimited raters
    2. b) Leadership Effectiveness Analysis assessment
    3. c) Individualized feedback
    4. d) Customized virtual training curriculum selection
    5. e) Two-day leadership retreat held in St. Louis, Missouri Virtual training sessions in months following the retreat
    6. f) Two group coaching calls to monitor progress on action learning project and development plan
    7. g) Virtual graduation and program wrap-up session

    To provide additional program value, CMA also offers participants in The Leadership Advantage program the opportunity to take advantage of add-on packages for enhanced development. Please select from the following optional add-ons:

    Option 1: Comprehensive Assessment Package (add $3,000)

    1. a) In-depth leadership assessment and developmental report:
      • CMA Ph.D.-level consultant interview (1 hour)
      • Psychometric questionnaires: Critical thinking, Personality, Motivation, Leadership behaviors
    2. b) Individual assessment results and extended Insight 360™ feedback session (1.5 hours)
    3. c) Individual and manager results feedback session and action planning (1 hour)

    Option 2: Individual Coaching Package (add $2,400)

    1. a) Three 1- hour individual coaching sessions with CMA Ph.D-level business consultant for sustained skill transfer

    Option 3: Comprehensive Assessment + Individual Coaching Package (add $5,100)

    1. a) In-depth leadership assessment and developmental report:
      • CMA Ph.D.-level consultant interview (1 hour)
      • Psychometric questionnaires: Critical thinking, Personality, Motivation, Leadership Behaviors
    2. b) Individual assessment results and extended Insight 360™ feedback session (2 hours)
    3. c) Individual and manager results feedback session and action planning (1 hour)
    4. d) Three 1- hour individual coaching sessions with Ph.D.-level CMA consultant for enhanced learning transfer
  • Certification of Eligibility*

    1) I am available for the following events scheduled for the following dates and times:

    1. a) Program kickoff and information call, January 2024 - 8:30am – 9:30am CST.
    2. b) Two-day leadership retreat (no overnight requirement), March 2024 (Wednesday and Thursday)1
    3. c) Three virtual training sessions (1 hour) in April to June (dates TBD)
    4. d) Two group check-in calls in May and June 2024 (dates TBD)
    5. e) Virtual graduation in August 2024 (dates TBD)
  • 2) I have acquired the sponsorship of an executive/senior manager in the organization who has agreed to:

    1. a) Attend program kickoff and information call in January 2024.
    2. b) Provide input and direction and support me throughout the program.1
    3. c) Attend the virtual graduation ceremony, in August 2024.1
  • 3) I have read and understand the components and program requirements, and I agree to fully comply with these requirements.

  • 4) I understand that upon notification of acceptance to the program, I have 30 days to submit a 25% deposit payable to CMA to reserve my spot in the program. 2

  • 1 Retreat and graduation events will be held at the CityPlace complex in Creeve Coeur, Missouri.

    2 Program deposit is fully refundable through February 2024. Cancellations made after February 2024 will be subject to forfeiture of full deposit amount. This program is subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment is not met by the registration deadline, and that if the program is cancelled, I will not be invoiced and I will have the option to rollover my application to be considered for the next available class.

    Statement of Authenticity*

    By checking Yes below, I (Program Participant) certify that all information contained in this application is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and that the executive sponsor has approved my participation in the program.

    I agree:

Our Success Stories
  • cma fact

    The Leadership Advantage will give you an edge on others who have not gone through a leadership development program.

  • Crescent Parts & Equipment
    "The Leadership Advantage really helped one of our recently promoted executives effectively step into his new role and address opportunities and challenges critical to the organization. The Action Learning Project resolved a key communication challenge. I plan to develop other leaders using this program."

    George Giudici, President and CEO