Conflict Resolution

Every workplace has disagreements, but when conflict is unresolved, it affects productivity and morale.

Sometimes attempts at resolving the issue internally send the issue underground only to resurface later. In cases like these, a skilled, impartial professional is often crucial to understand and resolve a conflict.

Our Unique Process

We meet separately with each party to gather the data required to understand and analyze the conflict. We then prepare a side-by-side view and facilitate joint sessions to share perspectives, identify common ground and explore differences. This often requires several meetings with all involved parties.

Our use of an established conflict resolution approach, led by a skilled facilitator and demonstrating a model for maintaining effective relationships, helps the individuals and the organization identify and build commitment to a path moving forward.

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Our Success Stories
  • cma fact

    Based on the result of the conflict resolution process, two siblings resolved their issues, settled the differences between them and no longer introduced a negative dynamic into the broader family.

  • John A. Jurgiel & Associates, Inc.
    "Our family came to CMA as a last hope to settle a conflict connected to a G1 to G2 transition. The transition occurred six years ago; family relationships are better than ever. We continue to use the conflict resolution techniques that CMA taught us to trust (or respect) each other and work constructively as a team."

    Rob Jurgiel, Principal