Conflict Resolution for Sibling Business Owners

Business Case

Two brothers who previously owned independent businesses in the same industry wanted to resolve a conflict that had developed between them.  

While each brother owned an independent business, the businesses drew on similar vendors and labor pools. When one brother successfully sold and exited his business, key talent moved from that brother’s business to the other brother’s business. This led to misunderstandings and ongoing strain between the two that grew over the years, causing tension with other family members as well.

One sibling approached CMA for assistance. We met individually with each sibling and both agreed to let us help them resolve the issues between them so they could return to the loving, caring relationship that had been there for decades.

CMA conducted a systematic conflict resolution process with the two siblings to help them achieve their goals.


Based on the result of the conflict resolution process, the two siblings resolved their issue, settled the differences between them and no longer introduced a negative dynamic into the broader family.