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Placing candidates in another country, whether they are nationals or expatriates, is a challenging situation and it’s costly when a placement doesn’t work out. In addition to potential language barriers, cultural differences can cause confusion or anxiousness.  

International Candidates

International assessments are designed for candidates applying for roles in a country other than the country of origin. CMA begins the assessment by gathering an understanding of the organization, role and situation in the foreign country. We then use questionnaires in the native language featuring specific country norms. For cognitive capability, we can also use a non-verbal questionnaire.

Expatriate Candidates

Expatriate assessments are designed for situations where an organization in one country is considering sending a candidate and his/her family to another country. Due to the complexities of international moves, expatriate assignments have an especially high level of risk, and it is critical to identify the right fit for the role and culture to avoid the high costs of failure.  

Key failure points to consider on expatriate assessments include:

  • Failure to adjust to the local team
  • Failure to adjust to the local culture
  • Failure for spouse/family to adjust to the culture
  • Limited leadership abilities
  • Lack of technical skills

 After gaining an understanding of the company and role, we then conduct research on the host country and its culture. CMA assesses the candidate and also completes an abbreviated assessment with the spouse to help mitigate the risk of not adjusting to the new country.

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