Assessments for Development for a Fortune 100 Consumer

Business Case

The president of a multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 company needed to consolidate the executive team to only the best talent enterprise-wide following a restructuring that reduced the company’s lines of business from three to two.

The president mandated that the executive team employ a process to ensure the newly restructured company would be staffed with the best talent from the organization. The lines of business under the old company structure were not performing to Wall Street and market expectations, so a decision was made to shift the lines of business from a product orientation to a distribution channel orientation.

The company had grown largely by acquisition, and the acquired companies with similar product lines were clustered into three lines of business. There was no universal standard for classifying talent across these lines of business, so there was no way to directly compare the quality of management talent across the enterprise.

During the process, all executives and managers were told to apply for positions in the two new lines of business. As a result, the president said she needed a report that profiled each applicant for every new position, indicating their skills and capability for each competency within the company’s competency model.

The report also had to include a description of the applicant’s capabilities based on the professional opinion of qualified experts derived from objective, normed data and qualitative and contextual data obtained during the assessment process. In addition, she expected an opinion about all candidates indicating whether or not they were recommended for each position.

CMA’s developmental assessment process provided the president with the report she needed on a very large group of personnel within two weeks.


The people hired as a result of CMA’s recommendations performed better and had fewer issues than those who were hired against CMA’s recommendations, according to the Vice President of Human Resources.