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Assessments for Selection for a Wholesale Distribution Company

Business Case

The CEO of a multi-million dollar wholesale distributor wanted better insight into the personal attributes of the principal of a company they were considering acquiring.

The principal of the acquisition company was slated to become a key employee at the distributor after the acquisition, yet the CEO had no way to gauge the capabilities of the business owner for the new position. There was also a question whether the company in question would be a good cultural match.

He said he needed the capability to make a hiring decision about this person based on objective, data-driven feedback on skills and personality so he could be assured that the candidate would fit both the job and the culture of the firm.

CMA’s assessment process provided him with that capability.


The results of CMA’s assessment of the individual called into question the seller’s integrity and the CEO decided to conduct additional due diligence before proceeding with the acquisition. This extra effort revealed several questionable activities that convinced the CEO to abandon proceeding with the transaction, saving the company from making a bad business decision to the tune of $1 to $2 million.