Assessment for Development

Promotions are challenging opportunities. How do you know when someone is ready for the next level? How can you quantify their current capabilities and potential, and measure their readiness for what is needed in other roles? How can you help your employees grow with the company, instead of out of it?

Our Process

The individual being assessed completes questionnaires that provide objective measures of their current competencies in areas such as problem solving, leadership, drive and motivation, and management skills, as well as their willingness and ability to accept and learn from mentoring, training and feedback. We also clarify the skills, competencies and personal characteristics needed for success in other roles within the organization.

Then one of our experienced psychologists analyzes and interprets the individual’s data relative to the role and the organization’s culture, and writes a user-friendly report that is personal, practical and specific to the individual being assessed. We then provide actionable recommendations and collaboratively create an individual development plan that individuals and their managers can use for professional development and training.

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Our Success Stories
  • cma fact

    As a result or our assessments, the people hired based on our recommendations performed better and with fewer issues than those who were hired against our recommendations.

  • ESCO Technologies, Inc.
    "CMA is a trusted advisor and key component in our talent acquisition process. All executives and senior management candidates complete an assessment process at CMA to help us understand the extent to which they can do the job and fit with our culture. We also rely on CMA for executive coaching and development planning."

    Vic Richey, CEO