Psychological Safety – What Leaders Need to Know

These are times of great psychological stress and emotion within our work lives. For leaders, it is important to pay attention not only to your own emotions and feelings but also those of the people around you, and to create environments that are safe and productive.

This discussion is courtesy of WittKieffer and our partners at CMA Global, a team of PhD business psychologists who offer executive assessment, onboarding, coaching, implicit bias training and other services through WittKieffer’s LeaderVerse suite of solutions. CMA is represented by two fabulous speakers, Jennifer Nguyen, Ph.D., and Ashley Parker, Ph.D., experts in the field of leadership psychology and on the topic of psychological safety. Jen and Ashley focus on:

  • Understanding what psychological safety means, and why it is critical in the workplace.
  • How leaders use concepts of psychological safety to help those around them and become better leaders.



  • Jennifer Nguyen, Ph.D. (She/Her)

    Jen is a Managing Partner at CMA Global, where she has been has been helping clients with executive coaching, assessment, talent management and strategic planning needs since 2000. Whether her clients are small or large, family-owned or entrepreneurial, she leverages her knowledge and experience to supplement and support internal talent management resources. She received her master’s in industrial-organizational Psychology from the University of Colorado and earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from St. Louis University.

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  • Ashley Parker, Ph.D.

    Ashley is a Senior Consultant at CMA, where she has been serving clients across diverse issues and sizes since 2013. Her practice includes many areas of assessment and organizational development services, including executive coaching, leadership assessments, team retreats, trainings, employee engagement surveys, succession planning, and organizational analyses. Ashley earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the University of Missouri St. Louis.

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