Inclusion Statement

People make or break your organization – and that means all people.

At CMA, we have the responsibility to not only promote a diverse and inclusive work environment within our client organizations, but to also lead by example. As a consulting firm, we must acknowledge our key position to influence organizations across the world. We are privileged to partner with clients to support and sustain diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations, yet, in order to boost others, we first need to build and maintain a solid foundation for ourselves.

The words journey or process are often used to describe an organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. However, at CMA, we believe that there is no “stopping point” when it comes to creating an environment that fosters a sense of belonging and trust. Much like a thermostat continuously monitors the room temperature and makes adjustments as necessary, CMA is committed to continuous monitoring and adjustment as it pertains to creating our own diverse, equitable, and inclusive workspace. And right now – we are just warming up.

As an organization, we have pledged to hold each other accountable as we continue to learn about and promote diversity in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, culture, religion, age, and all of the other ways that people differ. We acknowledge that having difficult conversations, giving one another tough feedback, and making adjustments and continuing to strive toward progress after missteps are all necessary to promote growth.

As we continue to build an environment internally that fosters a sense of belonging and trust, we are also committed to grow, sustain, and support a team of empowered individuals whose diverse backgrounds, styles, and perspectives complement, supplement and enhance each other in such a way that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Creating an inclusive environment does not simply begin and end with a statement. By first holding ourselves to the highest standards, we can ensure that we can bring the same energy and commitment to superior service to our clients, their employees, and their communities at large. However, this is not a goal; it is an endeavor  – and we acknowledge that there are still adjustments to make.

We endeavor to apply the field of psychology with dignity and respect for all people.

We endeavor to help our clients create and sustain diverse organizations with inclusive climates.

We endeavor to foster a workplace where each person on our team feels valued, included, and able to bring their whole self to work.

And we endeavor to recognize our opportunities to learn, grow, and act.

Diversity, inclusion and equity makes us all better.