Team Building for a Hospital

Business Case

The president of a 400-bed hospital wanted to improve several key performance metrics in his organization by making more efficient use of his top executive team.

The hospital had historically lost money, produced only fair outcomes and had low morale among the hospital staff before the new CEO was hired. The new CEO made all the changes that he could to dramatically improve outcomes, but he still wanted to do more—he felt he was out of in-house resources to implement the needed changes.

The president had a vision of working with his executive team as individuals and as a group, resulting in even better outcomes for the organization.

CMA provided him with a program for team building to help achieve his vision. Developmental assessments were performed on all members of the executive team, and developmental plans were created for each member relative to team goals. We worked with the team as a group on multiple occasions to redefine how members worked with each other as a group and how they led the hospital staff.


One year after the project the president credits improved financial performance, better clinical outcomes and greater employee satisfaction to the CMA engagement.