Succession Planning & Generational Transitions

Succession planning is not a decision leaders take lightly. 

Our Unique Process

CMA conducts an organizational assessment to understand the state of the business and to identify responsibilities to be transitioned. We conduct a developmental assessment with each successor candidate to gain insight into aspirations, current and potential skill level and to prepare a developmental plan for each one. We then consult with, coach and develop successor candidates, making recommendations to the organization on the best course of action to meet their needs.

For family businesses, we work with legal departments, estate planning and financial parties as needed, and address other organizational issues triggered by the change.

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Our Success Stories
  • cma fact

    Over a matter of 13 years, the company increased 13-fold in terms of revenue and increased its profit margins.

  • Arcturis
    "Arcturis was faced with the exits of some key executives in a short time frame, including the CEO and two direct reports. CMA designed and facilitated the best off-site retreat I have ever experienced. As a result, we have a succession planning process and a plan the entire team supports. Now, we are more cohesive as an executive team."

    Pat Whitaker, CEO