Strategic Planning

Every organization has a plan for the future, but the quality of the plan and commitment by key personnel to that plan varies. An effective strategic plan needs to position the organization for long-term success and have buy-in from leaders and stakeholders.

Our Unique Process

CMA conducts an organizational assessment to gather the necessary data for customized planning. We facilitate a planning process to identify key strategic objectives and then outline action plans to reach these end goals.  

CMA has multiple strategic planning models and processes to help entrepreneurial, family-owned and nonprofit organizations chart their futures.  

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Our Success Stories
  • cma fact

    As a result of CMA's planning, the organization increased revenues by 300% within six years and achieved record profits throughout the planning period.

  • University City Child Center
    "Our vision is to change the way early childhood education is delivered on a national scale. CMA is a strategic partner, providing valuable guidance in leadership identification and growth, while advancing and developing our organization now and for the future. CMA deeply understands who we are and how we operate."

    Stephen Zwolak, Executive Director