Organizational Assessment

CMA provides an objective, professional evaluation of your organization’s people, culture, and leadership.  This understanding allows leaders to identify factors that can make or break an organization’s future state.

Our Unique Process

We work with you to determine the goals for the organization’s assessment. This involves a comprehensive review of the organization’s structure and dynamics to see where they are aligned or misaligned with the company’s performance goals. CMA presents the findings in a report that focuses on factors contributing to success and failures to the organization’s health and performance with specific recommendations to maximize strengths and evolve areas that are limiting the company.

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Our Success Stories
  • cma fact

    Based on CMA’s report and work with the commission, the head of the local school district and city jointly endorsed a method to manage resources.

  • How we help
    "CMA was asked to perform an organizational assessment for a small, entrepreneurial, publicly traded company as they were going through a period of rapid growth. CMA’s assessment helped the company position themselves for the next phase of their organization."

    Terence Bostic, Ph.D.