When we begin our careers, performance is primarily based on and judged by our technical skills.

Our Unique Process

CMA clarifies the expectations and desired results for both the participant and coach. We conduct an assessment and/or 360° feedback to provide a data-driven benchmark for improvement and change.

Next we establish developmental goals and provide targeted coaching around them. To help gauge the success of the coaching, we obtain objective feedback about the participant from others within the organization on a regular basis.

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Our Success Stories
  • cma fact

    Following executive coaching, the president of a real estate conglomerate's leadership scores on a 360º feedback improved by 20.6% over a single year.

  • Arcturis
    "CMA has been a key partner in our transition to the next generation of firm leadership - assisting us with identifying and developing key people to exploring organizational structure and strategic planning. Their assistance has helped us consistently and proficiently navigate a fluctuating marketplace."

    Traci O'Bryan, President