Board Development

Your company’s Board of Directors or Advisors has a tremendous impact on your organization’s success.

Our Unique Process

While every engagement is different, Board development usually involves a series of interviews, surveys and profiling. This is typically followed up with off-site meetings where members can discuss issues openly and engage in productive conflict resolution, while getting to know each other as individuals. From there, we help develop a specific action plan to improve Board functioning.

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Our Success Stories
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    Learn how we have helped companies like yours better understand their people.

  • Missouri Foundation for Health
    “Our partnership with CMA has grown tremendously through the years,” said Dr. Robert Hughes, president/CEO of Missouri Foundation for Health. “Our staff trusts the expertise, knowledge and objectivity that CMA brings to each project. With CMA, we are learning how to be better leaders, engage as a team and mature strategically.”

    Robert Hughes, President & CEO