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The gift of feedback

Job Interviewing II

Feedback is a gift, right?  Does it feel that way when others tell you something you really didn’t want to hear?  Feedback may be a gift, but giving it is an art that many have not yet perfected.  An article in Forbes offers some helpful tips for improving your approach when giving feedback:

  • • Start by setting the agenda:  “Do you have time for me to share some feedback with you?”
  • • Get straight to the point (without making it personal): “I feel your language in that meeting came across as pretty direct and pointed.”
  • • Ask for their perspective: “What’s your reaction to that?”  According to the author, you DO NOT want to ask how they thought the interaction/meeting went.  That puts you in a position where you have to disagree or debate.
  • • If possible, allow the person to come up with their own solutions.
  • • If they still do not acknowledge or recognize the behavior, you have to be candid: “I’m afraid we see that differently” or “I have to disagree”.

By the way, if you want to give me a gift, please send shoes or chocolate!

By: Jennifer Nguyen, Ph.D.