Team Building

Organizational success requires common purpose and collaboration, but in a world of performance evaluations and individual bonuses, personal accomplishments often take center stage.

Our Unique Process

As behavioral psychologists, we use our expertise to align teams with the company’s goals and vision. Often, this includes activities to help team members better understand one another and to discover ways to function more effectively. By facilitating open dialogues within the team, we help members play to each other’s strengths and leverage these strengths to achieve shared goals and objectives. 

We assess your specific needs and goals to design a team building engagement customized to your organization. This may include individual or team level assessments, questionnaires or activities. We customize a series of team building activities and experiences designed to address real organizational issues and to create action steps to move the team and each individual forward.

We may conduct periodic progress checks to see how team members are applying what they have learned and provide additional support or coaching as needed. Our ultimate goal is to help teams maximize their effectiveness and work well together, using the skills and insights they have gained through our team building process.

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Our Success Stories
  • cma fact

    One year after a project with a hospital, the president credits improved financial performance, better clinical outcomes and greater employee satisfaction to the CMA engagement.

  • Yale New Haven Health System
    "Our team has benefited significantly by our association with CMA. From enhanced team dynamics to individual personal growth and development plans, CMA has taken a good team and turned it into a high-performing team—one which continues to get better every day."

    William M. Jennings, EVP