Assessment for Sales

A sales person needs to be evaluated on their ability to sell, which is a hard thing to do during a regular HR interview. More specifically, you need to know whether or not the person can sell your product or service.

In addition, our approach is flexible without being tied to a specific sales methodology—we help determine if the candidate can sell your products and services the way you want them sold.

Our Unique Process

First, we get a critical understanding of your sales process, the prospects you’re reviewing and the products/services to be sold. We need to understand how you define success in the sales process, so we can ensure that the candidate’s skills are aligned to deliver. Every assessment and recommendation is customized to fit your specific sales needs.

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Our Success Stories
  • cma fact

    ROI for CMA’s assessment service exceeded 200% in the first year alone.

  • How We Help
    "CMA was asked to work with the banking organization in helping select their talent for their salesforce. CMA partnered with a company to define the role and prepare an interview process that put the most successful candidates into the roles."

    Terence Bostic, Ph.D.