360° Feedback

Honest, actionable feedback on employees can be priceless in assessing skill levels, identifying candidates for promotion and helping remedy problem areas. But in most organizations, feedback is only gathered from superiors, as opposed to the people employees work with side-by-side on a daily basis.

Our Unique Process

We begin by gaining an understanding of the business culture, the overall industry marketplace and the role so that we can customize the feedback for your specific needs. We speak with the manager to understand why the feedback is being requested, what they want to accomplish and what they expect from the employee being assessed.

During the assessment, we ask for both overall ratings and specific behaviors in order to gain an in-depth profile of the individual from a range of their raters, peers, direct reports and managers.

We offer two types of 360° feedback assessments. The Insight 360 is an online evaluation designed to gather feedback for non-management-level employees. There is also the Interview 360 for managers and C-level executives where an expert psychologist skilled in interviewing personally talks to each rater, gathering relevant, detailed and actionable comments that align with each given rating.

A psychologist personally reviews every assessment—it’s never an out-of-the-box or automated analysis. And we review the assessments with the employee during a friendly, face-to-face session to help make sure that they hear, process and understand how to act on the feedback. This helps ensure that the feedback turns into actionable things the individual can do to improve and grow.

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Our Success Stories
  • cma fact

    Utilizing 360º feedback assessments from the executive team, decision making became clearer and more effective for the firm, and the company’s aggressive growth targets were achieved.

  • Vectren
    "CMA has been a valued talent management partner for many years. Their unique 360º approach has not only provided our leaders with personal insights but also helped create better leaders for our organization."

    Ellis Redd, VP Human Resources & Administration