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Qualities of “Unforgettable” Leaders and Coworkers

Some people are unforgettable. But what makes them unforgettable? An article by Inc. highlights eight qualities that make these individuals memorable:

  1. They truly believe the unbelievable. Unforgettable people go beyond trying to achieve the achievable. They expect more of themselves and others and they show others how to get there. They bring others along on the unbelievable ride.
  2. They see opportunity in instability and uncertainty. Unexpected problems, roadblocks, and crises cause most people to give up. However, unforgettable people see instability and uncertainty not as a barrier, but as an enabler. They reorganize and reshape.
  3. They wear their emotions on their sleeves. Unforgettable people are very professional. However, they are still openly and genuinely human. They show excitement when things go well. They show appreciation for hard work. They show disappointment in themselves when things do not go right. They celebrate, empathize, and worry.
  4. They throw themselves under the bus. Many people throw others under the bus. Some people never throw anyone under the boss. Unforgettable people see the bus coming and pull others out of the way.
  5. They never stop paying their dues. No matter what they have accomplished, unforgettable people are never too good to roll up their sleeves and do the “grunt” work. For them, no job is too menial. They never act entitled.
  6. They lead by permission, not authority. Unforgettable people lead because people want them to lead. Unforgettable people make their employees feel as if they are working with them and not for them.
  7. They embrace and promote a larger purpose. Unforgettable people work to achieve a company’s goals. However, they also work to serve a larger purpose—to advance careers of employees, to make a difference in the community, to instill pride and self-worth in others, etc.
  8. They take real risks. Unforgettable people do not always take the popular viewpoint. They can take the unpopular stand and they accept the discomfort of going against the status quo. They also inspire others to take risks.