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Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance

With August being National Back to School Month, many families are winding-down their summers and gearing-up for the start of the school year. With kids returning to school after a few months of summer vacation, this is bound to cause a disruption in the lives of many parents. For this reason, employers must continually attempt to demystify the concept of work-life balance and implement programs to support it. Employees also would benefit from changing personal strategies to help them better juggle the forthcoming sudden change in responsibilities.

In order to shed some light on this topic, its importance, and what can be done to improve it, check out the below infographic from Sandglaz.

With respect to personal strategies that employees themselves can take, we have previously covered this in a prior post. In summary:

  • Take advantage of “me time.”
  • Learn to say “no.” 
  • Create boundaries. 
  • Cut out low-value activities. 
  • Schedule recurring social activities. 
  • Learn healthy ways to cope with stress. 

For more information on the above strategies, please check out our prior blog post on the topic.