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How to use the triangle technique for engaging eye contact

Smiling businessman

Image Credit: “Smiling Businessman” by Steve Wilson, used under CC BY / Modified from original.

It is generally common knowledge amongst leaders that eye contact is crucial for many reasons. In particular, amongst other reasons, eye contact can portray warmth, trustworthiness, and confidence. However, too much eye contact may lead to some levels of discomfort on behalf of the recipient.

Fortunately, the triangle technique could be used to engage with others without bringing about the sort of discomfort inherent with deep eye gazing. As explained by career expert Kara Ronin:

[note color=”#B6D6F0″]

If you feel a bit awkward staring into someone else’s eyes, try this little trick: Draw an imaginary inverted triangle on the other person’s face around their eyes and mouth. During the conversation, change your gaze every 5 to 10 seconds from one point on the triangle to another. This will make you look interested and engrossed in the conversation. [/note]

Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

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