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Missouri Psychological Association Part 1: History & Best Practices of Police Candidate Assessment

TIME9:00 AM - 11:00 M CST
LOCATIONZoom - registration link below


For decades, psychologists have partnered with police forces to help them select candidates for their organizations, selecting for behaviors such as reliable use of equipment, appropriate use of force, the ability to create a command presence, and the ability to interact well with the public. This latter issue has thankfully expanded over time. Now, many policing and public safety organizations are increasingly asking psychologists to help ensure that their officers can
demonstrate the empathy, sensitivity, patience, and compassion to serve their diverse constituents. Additionally, police are oftentimes the front-line responders to situations that involve the mentally ill, also requiring higher levels of sensitivity and compassion.

Learning objectives:
In this two-hour interactive session (90 minutes didactic, 30 minutes Q&A) you will:

  • Learn about the current best practices using psychological assessment instruments for selection into policing organizations
  • Learn about the use of structured clinical interviews, policing-focused interview, and job simulations as a part selection processes
  • Learn about the updates to the MMPI-3 specifically about assessing police
  • Understand new thinking relative to DE&I issues in evaluating candidates
  • Participate in the review of a real de-identified case
  • Learn about the experience of selecting officers from a speaker who has worn the uniform

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