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How does CMA partner with start-ups?

CMA partners with founders and the startup ecosystem (including venture capital firms, incubators, and accelerators) to turn a great idea into a thriving organization by developing one of the most critical resources: its people.

In addition to developing existing employees, CMA’s assessment process can help founders and their companies assess whether each team member they add to their organization has the core characteristics and capability needed to move the organization forward. Early stage organizations can often double their teams in a short period of time. Each added team member can dramatically affect the culture and efficiency of the group. CMA helps the team grow in alignment so that members are added with strategic intent.

Individual Development & Feedback

The initial report used to assist an organization or VC in choosing a leader can be valuable above and beyond that initial report. CMA can work with you to create a report that helps the newly selected leader gain insight and accelerate their development. This allows an organization to capitalize on the investment they’ve already made and signal to new employees that the organization is invested in them.

Executive Coaching

The licensed psychologists at CMA can leverage their expertise in people to partner with a new leader to develop their leadership capability. Whether working with a founder who becomes a leader or a more experienced leader coming into an existing organization, a coaching relationship can significantly enhance a leader’s ability. We strive to become trusted advisors with the leader to help them navigate obstacles related to their role and professional relationships in dynamic, fast-paced organizations.

Executive Launch

It can be tricky for a new leader in any organization to come into an existing leadership team. This can be even more critical in an earlier stage organization when the new leader may work with a founder or small team that’s been there since day one. CMA can partner with the new leader to build rapport more quickly with the existing team by helping everyone involved understand how to best work with each other. This process can help the new leader “launch” more effectively into the organization.

As part of this launch, organizations can also aggregate assessment data up to the team level for deeper insights by having CMA create a team profile. This profile sheds light on the “DNA” of a team. It answers questions such as, “What are our group strengths?, How do we complement each other?, and What are potential points of tensions?”.

Assessing New Employees

Would you buy a new house without an inspection? Of course not. You’d want as much information as you could get before making that type of investment. The same could be said of hiring a new employee. Especially in an earlier stage organization, the wrong hire can have a significant impact on the culture of the organization and its ability to meet its growth targets. Using assessment as part of a larger hiring process can help increase the likelihood that you hire the right person for the role. Whether you’re looking for a co-founder, another member of the leadership team, or that sales professional that will best get your product in front of the right customer, instituting an assessment process within your organization can help you make better hiring decisions.

Lunch n’ Learn

Drop in to one of CMA’s Lunch and Learns to stay up-to-date on best practices in team and organizational health! Partnering with you, CMA will develop the topic to ensure it is relevant to the community and CMA’s expertise. Sample topics might include: “Fostering a culture of inclusion”, “Time management and productivity hacks”, “What your first hires say about your culture”, and “Selecting and retaining employees in a fast-moving world”. Attendees will be able to submit questions/concerns. These can take place in-person or virtually.

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