Assessments for Selection for an Insurance Company

Business Case

The Vice President of Human Resources for a small insurance company wanted to reduce voluntary turnover and to only hire those employees who would fit the company culture.

While the insurance company’s employee turnover rate closely mirrored the industry rate of 19.2%, the VP wanted to reduce turnover even more because the company needed to quickly increase (and maintain) staff to meet rapid expansion requirements. And though the company’s culture fostered a first-class work environment, its reputation as a great place to work was relatively unknown in the served market.

The VP of Human Resources needed a way to objectively match the personal attributes of a new hire with the requirements of both the open position and the culture of the company. She realized that hiring the right person for the job and culture would spread the company’s reputation as a great place to work throughout the marketplace. In turn, this would attract higher caliber talent to the firm going forward.

CMA’s assessment process provided her with those capabilities.


The company not only achieved its growth targets, but the turnover rate decreased from 19.2 % to 6.6%, productivity increased 128%, and the company’s reputation became solidified as one of the best places to work in the industry.