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Assessments for Selection at a Pharmaceutical Company

Business Case

The Director of Human Resources of a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company wanted to reduce voluntary turnover in the call center that serves company employees, while increasing the effectiveness of supervisory coaching.

Voluntary turnover at the company was over 25%, leading to a flood of employee complaints about the lack of responsiveness to their questions regarding company benefits and other HR-related issues. In addition, employees were leaving because they were not fitting well with the culture of the company.

The HR director said she needed a way to improve their selection system for hiring new employees. Their current system relied on interviews, resume screening and background checks, but employees were still being hired despite not fitting with the culture of the company. The director also said she needed a way for supervisors to anticipate the areas where newly hired employees would most likely need skills coaching to help make training more readily available.

CMA’s assessment process provided her with those capabilities.


Over the next 18 months, the voluntary turnover rate dropped from 25% to 2%, and employee satisfaction surveys yielded a significant improvement in the responsiveness of the HR call center. When the company decided to consolidate all HR call centers nationwide, the St. Louis call center was selected as the site for the new operation because of their track record of outstanding performance.