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2023 Human Capital Trends

As we are winding down one year, it is customary for us to share human capital trends for the following year. In keeping with the tradition, we wanted to share what is likely to come (and continue) for 2023. So, check out this beautiful infographic from The Future of Customer Engagement and Experience.

In Summary

1. Focus on the employee experience. A Gartner survey of HR leaders found that 47% cite employee experience as a top priority for 2023. Curious to know what the employee experience is and how to improve it? Check out a recent post of ours on the topic.

2. Humanization of the employee-manager relationship. With such high rates of burnout, employees now want managers who are authentic and empathetic.

3. Continued battles against the talent shortage. Between older generations retiring, public health, and new college graduates lacking the skills and experience required, recruiting will continue to be a challenge.
4. Contingent workers to the rescue. To help fill the gaps left from the Great Resignation, companies will increasingly rely on a contingent workforce to meet business demands.
5. Perfecting hybrid work. Thanks to the pandemic, hybrid work is a current reality, but many companies have continually struggled with it–particularly as it relates to employee engagement, organizational visibility, and trust. In 2023, companies will aim to perfect and establish best practices.
6. Improving employee recognition. Within standard office settings, employee recognition can be quite straightforward (see here for some of our prior tips). However, in a hybrid or remote environment, this can be a challenge. So, expect companies to create new practices for employee performance monitoring and recognition.
7. Focus on development. The majority of employees are seeking new developmental opportunities. Unfortunately, nearly half of all employees do not feel that their respective workplaces offer sufficient developmental opportunities. Expect there to be more attention given to development.
8. Increased engagement. Employee engagement is plummeting with the increased individualization of work. So, companies will be looking into creative ways to engage employees at a distance.